Miguel Lee-Leon

Miguel Lee-Leon is a contemporary abstract painter best known for large scale mixed media works on canvas. His painting technique is inspired by the antique surfaces and interiors of European architecture and often uses Venetian Plaster in his paintings. 


Miguel Lee-Leon was born in southern California. He has always viewed images and concepts in terms of colors and shapes. His early works were traditional; illustrative; and photo-realistic. 


In 1998, Miguel was employed as the lead scenic artist for the ‘Paris Hotel’ in Las Vegas.  He then relocated to Tokyo Bay, Japan for approximately a year to distress the walls and surfaces of the new ‘Venus Fort’, a huge upscale shopping center reminiscence of The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.


After spending time in Europe and Asia, Miguel was captivated by the beauty of ancient, antiquated and neglected walls. He identified with the colors exposed by peeling, crumbling, time worn layers. He began designing ‘specialty finishes’ and became a ‘master’ at Venetian Plaster and all varieties of marble-dust paste.  


When he returned to painting on canvas, he used his training and experience to create compositions based on a lifetime attraction to color, contrast and movement.

By combining Venetian plaster with paint, he has created a surface that can be sanded. Brilliant layers of colors are applied with large trowels to produce new colors. Each layer is sanded to compose new shapes. This process continues until the composition begins to reveal itself. The final product is remarkably smooth, with luminous depth.


Miguel has returned to Southern California and resides in the desert city of Palm Springs and has become an active member of the fine arts community.


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