Chuck Gumbert

Chuck Gumpert majored in art at Cypress College in California, studying the gamut from drawing and painting, to illustration and advertising design —and most importantly, specialization in what at the time was the still-emerging field of computer graphics, photo manipulation, and desktop publishing.


His early digital pieces began to take on unusual and high-key color palettes. Many featured light pouring through clouds, fire imagery, surreal landscapes and watery transparencies — features he seem to strive to emulate in paint!


After a semester in Europe, a move to Seattle, and a five-year stint as a graphic designer at the University of Washington — he found himself at Gig Harbor, Washington painting! 


Now he enjoys a studio setting in a 1915 farmhouse in Port Orchard, Washington. New surroundings have fostered new inspiration, freedom and experimentation — the journey continues to challenge and excite!


His works are influenced and inspired by what he considers “abstract” music: Björk, Radiohead, R.E.M., Muse; and the symphonic work have Philip Glass and others. To Gumpert, the beauty of these types of music, is the lyrical and sonic experimentation — at once discordant, minimalist, harmonic, and nonsensical — which conveys all manner of emotions, images, and narratives.


He taps into a creative pulse and power at the core of his being, the earth, and the universe. He brings visual language to the viewer to be interpreted on the most personal of levels. He says his works simply transport him into another world. 


Artist Bio

Artist Bio