Mimi Cernyar Fox

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The Ever Rolling Sea


Artist Statement


After listening to many a splendid yarn told by the fisherman of the deep blue sea, my sights were set on a sailing adventure. 


My dream was made possible by the willingness of the commercial fishermen to take me out on their boat as their galley cook. I wanted to go with them for my sole purpose was to be able to paint the ocean as my hero William Turner did. For three years I would make a 2 or 3 week trip out to sea with the fishermen.


The boat made its way up and down the Oregon and Washington coast following the warm currents in search of fish. During this time, I observed and recorded in my sketchbook the ever changing sea and sky and the men at work through stormy and calm weather. I offer this group of paintings “ The Ever Rolling Sea,” as an expression of my experiences of the deep sea with ever changing horizon and light reflected.


With bold use of color, I use pattern and vigorous application of paint to infer and suggest movement.The texture grows as the movement progresses much like the movement of music. I like to keep a sense of time by leaving my first marks visible through the painting process. It creates a forward and backward movement for the eye much like the movement of Tidal waves.


In the painting, Wave F Major, or Waves F Sharp, one is attracted to the movement of light and rhythmic pattern. These paintings are inspired by the soft melodic wave movement one can see standing at a windy bay. 


In another painting, Wave # 5 In G Major, or Winter Sea in C Minor, one can feel the Wagnerian emotion that I have witnessed at sea as a big swell came up from an impending storm.


In port, at the fisherman’s bar, while waiting out a storm front, I would sit sketching in my notebook my experiences of the day. While the fishermen would drink pitchers of beer, listen to Joe Cocker wailing from the jukebox, and play hours of fifty cent pool, I would listen to the shared stories and laughter of the Americans and Canadians as they waited for the storm to cease, and I kept notes in my journal so as to reclaim something of them and these moments in the visual expression of my paintings.


The paintings in this series, “ The Ever Rolling Sea,” stand as witness to what these fishermen and I encountered when we went out to sea.


Mimi Cernyar Fox M.F.A

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