Mario Canali

Born in 1952 in Monza, Italy, Mario Canali is recognized as a modern day Italian master and considered a visionary in contemporary Italian art. He is also regarded as a pioneer of electronic and digital art and virtual reality.

Canali had his first solo exhibition in 1975 as a full time painter. Canali's painting style was both figurative and fantastic exploring symbolism and surrealism, going against the trends of the times. His first critical and commercial success occurred in his native city of Monza, Italy in 1978. 

Intrigued by the new media of the mid-1980s, Canali turned his attention to electronic and digital art and also using innovative scientific paradigms in creative expression. Canali would move to Milan and collaborate as part of the Correnti Magnetiche Research and Electronic Art Group together with Flavia Alman, Sabine Reiff and Riccardo Sinigaglia. Groundbreaking digital images and 3-D animations were produced by the group to widespread appeal, earning awards at international exhibitions such as Siggraph in Los Angeles, Arts Electronica in Linz, Imagina in Monte Carlo and Nastro d'Argento in Rome.

Canali launched the Arcnaut Project in 2003 as a series of events focused on the conceptual understanding of art, science and philosophy as well as their interactive dynamics. Mario Canali has come full circle, reengaging with the concepts and narratives of his earlier paintings.

“True to his Italian forebears, Mario Canali is a 21st century Renaissance man; artist, businessman, computer scientist, designer, engineer, gentleman, lecturer, philosopher, thought leader and visionary. As Canali moves into a new era of vision, still driven by the invisible, he seeks the very pulse of creativity. The moment before it occurs, Canali wants to be there.” 

Vicki Godal, Forth Magazine, January 2011​

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