Lou Armentrout

LIFE WAS SIMPLER THERE, in the little village of Hanover, where Lou Armentrout was raised. Watching the night skies, swimming in the river, roaming the green hills of Ohio, Lou fell in love with nature: from the beginning, its beauty was his passion. Capturing it in art has been his life long quest.

Getting a B.F.A. in art from Ohio University in 1971 and a M.F.A. from Ohio State University in art in 1977 taught him a great deal, but not about painting nature. As a teacher for thirty-five years, he nurtured his students’ love of beauty. In addition he taught himself by collecting. Amassing hundreds of painting done by American Impressionists, he found in their content, some of the unspoiled beauty of his youth. From their style, he has formed his own: one filled with light and color. His paintings have been offered in several California art galleries. They hang in over twelve states and overseas. He had his first one man show at the Ohio State University Faculty Club in 2012.

When he moved to California in 2006, he fell in love all over again but more. California is GOLDEN in so many different ways! His happy heart is flourishing in the brightness; his paintings are becoming even richer in color-- paintings radiant with California light both his daytime and nighttime works. The night sky here is glorious. He had to see if he could express how it made him feel. That’s what “NIGHTSCAPES” is all about.

His work has become more spiritual as well. Sensing MEANING in the Universe, Lou now makes each of his paintings a kind of meditation, a calm, warm place where you can go. He hopes his paintings enrich your inner self. He wants them to STRENGTHEN THE QUEST FOR PEACE.

Artist Bio